16 January 2003

           There is a poster that says, “3/4 of faith is patience.” And patience is from the Latin word for suffering.  By suffering we become like to Christ and His Blessed Mother, our Lady of Sorrows.
This afternoon, I want to talk about a 4th book that I’ve written, A Twin’s Encounter with Mary _ Mother of God, Mother of Man _ A Child of Mary Through Jesus Words: Behold Thy Mother.  Looking down from the cross, Jesus said to his disciple John:  Behold Thy Mother.  At that precise moment, Christ gave Mary to us and entrusted us to her.  Thus the Mother of God becomes the mother of man.
To drive my point, let me cite the story of the wedding feast at Cana and see what our Blessed Mother does. First, it is she who recognizes the embarrassment of the newly married couple when the wine runs out.
Second, Mary approaches her Son to tell him, “They have no more wine.” And even when her Son seems to rebuff her, she tells the servants, knowing he will not deny her prayer, “Do whatever he tells you.”  And we know that the story ended with Jesus performing His first miracle of changing the water into wine. 
I approached our archbishop of Nueva Segovia, Most Rev. Edmundo Abaya.  I told him of my desire to see our first book, A Twin’s Encounter of God the Father _ Like A Child On It’s Father’s Lap, be published and with it printed a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.  A Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur are a declaration that a book or pamphlet is considered to be free from doctrinal or moral error.  The book will be out for readership on January 24 , and published by the Communication Foundation for Asia.
Archbishop Abaya sensing that I was afraid to see Msgr. Thaddeus Mercado, our vicar general, told me to see Abbot Santos Rabang who wrote the introduction of my book, to help. With Abbot Rabang having talked to Msgr. Mercado in my behalf, I went to give him a copy.  When I went back after a week, I was so happy he put his Nihil Obstat and he said, the book is our personal faith story.
I want to share another experience with our Mother. It was at the Mother Ignacia Healing Center in Caloocan City.  We went out of Luz’ place at Mandaluyong at 4 a.m. primarily to be healed through the taking of the bath.  But at 5 p.m., Sr. Racquel informed there was no bath because the new area constructed is still wet.
Then I prayed before the Statue of Our Lady of Lourdes like a child touching her blue sash.  I told her, “Our Lady I am a Lourdesiana.  You know I am very tired and not feeling well.  I want to go home but my twin said that we do not go home unless we have taken a bath.  Please help us.”
We told the two boys at the bathing site that we want to take a bath but they said that we just come back.  We told them we are not coming back.  Then they said  the gate is locked.  Luz started to climb the fence stepping on a chair. The boy told she might get hurt and opened the gate just the same.
We noticed a sprinkling faucet and so we told the boys to just open the sprinkling faucet.  We touched our face that got wet from
the water.  It was enough to make us happy. We did not forget to go to the chapel to give thanks.  Luz took the rosary at the center altar and in imitation of the late Mother Ignacia held the rosary and asked me to take her souvenir picture.
All of us, we twins included have a mission to do. I believe God made us twins because we have to do a mission together.  And in every mission there are sufferings or tests. 
It is God’s will that we propagate devotion to God Our Father. In doing so, we have encountered difficulties but we never wavered. We never stopped.  Because the Lord continues to push us. He gave us Mary to be our Mother to help us.  And after all the difficulties, the tests, God rewards those who have faith in Him. God blesses those who does His will.
My twin sister now has this new FM station and I see it as a reward from God.  This FM station did not come easily for her.  She worked hard for it.  God gave it to her after much tests and prayers. Also, our birthday celebration is a reward from God.  A gift of being together to still do things together.  And  I thank God for giving me CHICOY, an understanding husband, who cooperates with God’s will for his wife.

Thank you and good afternoon.




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