Guests, relatives, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good evening.

Tonight, I share with Danny the pleasure of having you around to celebrate with us the opening of this hotel. I also share with him the joy of having partly completed this building and the hope that it will help boost tourism in San Fernando at the same time satisfy your desire for fine food and entertainment.

Coming from a family of politicians, with Tio Titing Gov. Ortega at the helm. I never dreamed of owning a business someday. But having been married for a lifetime to a successful businessman gave me the encouragement to join him in business and then dream of establishing a business we can truly call our own.
Thereís just one thing Iíd like to explain. A lot of people have been firing me with questions as to why weíre going into this business when I in the first place has no actual background in hotel keeping compounded by the fact that I donít know how to prepare a good single dish.

General Brehon Somerville whose entire career was built in the military was asked the same question, when after he came back from the second world war, he was appointed chief executive officer of Coca-Cola. His response was simple and well said. I need not know all about coke and all the processes that go into its making in order to be successful. Iíll hire specialist who know the technology required. Asked how he would know whether he ha the right specialist, his response was, ďI canít lay an egg, but I can smell a rotten oneĒ.

Indeed, one does not have to be a doctor to know that he has a good one. One does not have to be a school teacher to know that his children are being taught well. Building a good organization with competent staff is therefore the basic principle that will guide this company. With Danny at the forefront seasoned by this rich experiences in the management of diverse enterprises, (of course, I love my own), and I by his side, armed with conceptual skills, managerial knowledge and public relations ability, we are confident that we can turn this whole thing around. However, we do not discount the fact, that without your patronage, there is no business for us. So, if all of you here could guarantee us that your presence tonight is not the first and the last and that you will keep coming back again and again, then Iím 100% sure, under the guidance of the Divine Providence, that we are here to stay.

Danny has thanked all of you but I like to do a reinforcement. My sincerest thanks goes to my mother, Mrs. Rosa Ortega, whom I have always admired as a woman of patience and courage, for encouraging me to hold on to my dream. I am also deeply grateful to my parents-in-law, Dr. & Dra. Daniel Bolong, Sr., whom Danny and I look up to as an exemplar of persevering and humble parents, for consistently respecting our decisions thus helping us grow.

Special thanks goes to my Tita Consuelo Ubaldo, who gave up ownership of this lot in favour of this hotel. In appreciation therefore, this hotel is named after her_Consuelo Hall, a beautiful name and no better name suited to describe this place. In vernacular we would say ďadda Consuelo you na maturog ken mangan idtoy Sea and Sky.

This building has no previous existence in reality. It came out of the architectís ideal before it was made real. I therefore salute the architect, the builder_no other than my brother-in-law board topnotcher Gerry Ocampo, for a job well done.
To all of you our esteemed friends and guests and our loving relatives, my heartfelt thanks for being with us today.

Finally, thereís no better way than to publicly say my deepest gratitude to my darling Danny whose great love for me and the children has been my inspiration to grow, to better of myself as a wife, a mother, and now his partner in business. I may have my own wings to fly but definitely Danny is the wind beneath my wings, so ladies and gentlemen, Iíd like to dedicate this beautiful song to the man himself.

Danny and I would like to invite everybody to partake in the dinner.
May we request Msgr. Lazo to bless the food.


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