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Poter Noster Learning Center
March 15, 2008 (Saturday)

              Before anything else, Children, I ask you this question: Have you ever greet your parents/guardians this day? If not, so, we try to greet them by saying: "love you Daddy/Dad/Tatay and Mommy/Mama/Nanay or Lolo/Lola or Tito/Tita or Yaya!" Let us repeat greeting them but by this time, you're going to accompany with hug.  Hug them tightly showing your love to them (Arakupenyo ida iti nairut kas ti panangipakitayo kadakuada ti ayatyo.)  HUG? What doe it mean? When somebody hugs you, it means he/she really loves you; he/she cares for you; he/she respects you; he/she is very significant/important to you; you are so special to him/her. This is the real essence or meaning of hugging or giving a hug to a person.  Children always hugs their parents, likewise parents hugs their children.  This is a beautiful scenario of a parent-child relationship. Parents, if you hug your children you're showing your complete love and care to them."  This is a complete manifestation that you, parents, are supportive to your children.  In time that your child hugs you, they put their complete trust in you as their parents. Your children are dependent on you.  As we know, parents have a great task or role or responsibility to take into consideration.  Parents are always thinking for the betterment of their children.  Our Catholic teachings has to say: Parents are responsible, (1) for providing the basic necessities of their offspring, such as food, shelter and clothing; (2) by teaching your child the Christian values of love, truth, honesty and fear of the Lord; and, (3) by giving your child the right education, not just by sending them to school but only sending them to good school such as the Pater Noster Learning Center where they are being taught the 6 R's Reading; W'Riting; a'Rithmetic; Religion; Respect, and Responsibility.  Where you can find a school that has these 6 R's, only in PNLC!  

    My dear parents, I know you have a taxing job but if you do it wholeheartedly then you are truly doing your responsibility entrusted or handed to you.  At the end, you are be praised/rewarded for the fruits of your labor as the scriptures says.  I know you encounter great difficulties, trials, problems, challenges come along your way but I advice you that you shall put your trust to the Lord because "He is the way, the truth and the life."  Don't be afraid to face the challenges in life in which you make you strong.  Don't give up, but stand up and move on!

    The theme for today's occasion is HUGS for the Grads! It is very fitting theme for this event because of expressing such happiness and jubilation -- jubilation because your children has finished their first stage of their formative years in learning. Thus, I would like to give meaning the theme itself because definitely it characterized what this event for. First, H, stands for humility.  Humility means not proud/not boastful/being lowly.  Iti ubing ket napakumbaba.  Saan a napangas.  Saan a nangato.  They are friendly and approachable.  They can easily make friends. Second, U, stands for Unadulterated.  In other words, children are pure.  Their minds or thinking is not malicious.  They are ignorant.  They always seek knowledge. They want to learn so they always ask for question.  Hence, they are obedient.  Third, G, it mean gorgeous - highly coloured or very pleasant.  Children are very pleasant and colorful.  They are lovely individuals.  If they cheer us if we have problems then suddenly it banished away.  If we are tired from our work, when they hugs us then finally our weary immediately died down.  This is one of their charisma.  Lastly, S, stands for sincerity. Sincerity mean genuine or honest.  Children tells the truth.  What they see what they feel they tell frankly.  They say what they see. They don't know how to lie.  I still recall a story of a mother and a child.  One day, a Kumare of the mother called up over the phone.  The child was the one to who answered the phone.  The other line asking if the mother is around.  Before the child answers the phone, the child closed the mouthpiece of the telephone and asked her mother what to say.  The mother told her that she's not around because she in debt with her Kumare.  Then the child answered back the phone: "Tita Esfie, sabi ni Mama wala daw siya."  Buking and ina!
Yes, in today's mass we offer our greatness to the Lord for the gift of children that they may become an instruments of Love and of Life.


Delivered Homily of:
Archdiocesan Youth Director


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