THE Light of Luz

O LUZ my light, my sister alight!
How Papa and Mama were blessed with you in sight
You are light: you inspire.
I was class president with your advice.
You are a leader, you are a friend;
Through high school, you were class president.

You are light: for knowledge you acquire
Alone, a Master in Business Administration;
With me, a communication Arts degree in UST.
A Masters in Management in UP Baguio,
A Doctor of Philosophy in DMMMSU.

You are light: you got sunny ideas.
Exuding youth’s charm, you built
Sea and Sky Hotel & Restaurant and School,
With husband Danny’s love pool.
In Vigan, Sea & Sky helped build a pre-school, VEC.

You are light: you work had with a winged heart.
Life’s sunsets you accept as camouflaged God’s gifts.
“Wind Beneath My Wings” to your husband Danny
With the music all along-
Twas the Sea and Sky blessing: God loves your cheerful heart!

You are light: your love illuminates.
Your patience helped
The National Federation of Women’s Club of the Philippines chose
Mama as one of 1996 Outstanding Mothers, rejoice!
Yes, rejoice for your lifetime tribute.
To a mother so dear, with her heaven seems near!

You are light: your hope shines bright
To Tita Connie, and Mama at Sea and Sky
Sharing their knowledge of the years
Transformed their lives to golden hymns of cheers.

You are light: You know when to recharge your energy.
You know that you can make other soul happy.
With you, Australia and other exotic places
Were visited by manang Emily.

You are light: you keep me in your heart
I keep my picture with you, and with Chicoy in your gift _ a locket
Unity in my marriage, this you wish for me…

Gently you touch my soul
No matter what, no matter how.
“I’ll always take care of you.”
How often you dearly whisper!

You are light on your 45th birthday
May St. Monica teach you steadfastness in prayer,
May St. Daniel remind the beauty of wisdom,
May St. Lucy preserve in your soul God’s light
So that His peace may forever reign in your life.

You are light, dear Luz
May God keep your union with Danny long and strong
As you walk the pathways of life side by side.
May your children grown in wisdom and grace
Before God and man.

My dear Luz, my twin sister, dear
May God keep us safe in our times apart,
And make us cherish and enjoy our times together.

Love & kisses,


January 16, 1999



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