To My Indispensable “Pair”
On our Mid-Fourth Decennial

God has made us two leaves in this
branch of the tree of life
Two leaves, that dance with the beam of the
rays of the sun, and murmur with
the trickles of rain

The ‘50s had given us the chance to grow
and enjoy the mirth of innocence

The ‘60s imbibed in us the thrill of adolescence

The ‘70s unfolded before us the scrolls of responsibility

Then the waves of the ‘80s rushed in
and threw us in
unexpected relationships

God bless! The ‘90s are wide agape to witness
the growth of a new life cycle

Life my dear, really goes round and round
but full of wonders to be seen
So in the middle of our fourth decennial together,
as the new millennium comes around
Let’s be ready to wear a new set of masks
and nurture our fruits to ripen
My indispensable pair, my God-given
biological pair --- let’s learn to embrace
the three “mature values” of Mencius:
passion, wisdom and courage
And to enkindle in us the warmth of life ---
and see our fruits mature
to witness their own life cycle.

Happy 45th B-day, Nila



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