Don Joaquin

DoŮa Paca

Luis, was a Judge of the First Instance in Lingayen, Baguio and Sorsogon. He witnessed graduation of Rosa in medicine from UST. She is the daughter of Bisting Ortega

Francisco (Pacoy), was elected Congressman and Speaker-Pro-Tempore of the House

Joaquin (Titing), was elected Congressman of the First District of La Union

Evaristo (Bisting), was the Judge of the Court of Agrarian Relations. He is dancing with her mother Paca at their family house.

Gov. Victor Ortega gives his message for the reunion

Luz O. Bolong Welcome Remarks as Host of the 2nd Ortega Clan Reunion


Good evening!

This day is a very memorable one, for we have our beloved members of the Ortega clan with us to share their joys and miseries_whatever they are, and to make us closer to one another.

Borrowing from the words of City Mayor Mary Jane Ortega we can say God so loved the Ortegas that He created so many of them. Thank Lord that you come to this reunion_ for you will be counted! Just like any family, the Ortegaís in particular, thereís something irresistible about relatives. Even when we are related more by blood than inclinations, even when we are separated by time and distance, we remain somehow, family.

Today is a very special gathering _ to celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of Lolo Joaquin Ortega. All family gatherings are celebrations whatever the occasion. Their inherent joys are our sustenance. We hope that our children and grandchildren appreciate their value because coming together is more than worth the trip. Alright to start of, letís put ourselves in the presence of the Lord_ who made possible the realization of this 2nd Ortega reunion started by the late Tio Titing Ortega.


FEB. 7 & 8,  2009

 Don Joaquin Ortega was born in Cebu to Antonio Ortega of Manila and Juana Joaquino of Surigao in 1870. A student of the University of Santo Tomas, he would spend his vacation in La Union where his father worked with the Tabacalera. In 1889, he himself worked with the Tabacalera in Carlatan, San Fernando, La Union.
In 1901, Col. William Penn Duvall, chose from three local candidates as to who would be the Filipino civilian governor. The profile of Joaquin Ortega as written by Duvall on May 24, 1901 states:
‚ÄúSenor Ortega‚Ķ31 years old, born in Cebu, and a resident of Carlatan since 1889, is married and has 5 children. A man of ability, force, dignity and fine address, and I believe, and have confidence in this man‚Äôs general fitness for the position than in any other native. I regard it as a distinct advantage that Senor Ortega lives so near.‚ÄĚ
Joaquin Ortega was then appointed by the Taft Commission as the first civilian governor of La Union on August 15, 1901, the first in the Ilocos Region. In 1902, he became the first elected governor of the same province. In 1905-1914, he was the Lt. Governor of the Sub-Province of Abra; of Bontoc, Mountain Province from 1916-1920; with designations to perform similar duties in the sub-province of Lepanto and Benguet; and was the special agent of the Bureau of Non-Christian Tribes from 1920-1926 when he was retired under the Osmena Act.
Governor Ortega was married to Francisca Lacsamana of Bangar, La Union and they had fourteen children, the sons who were full grown, Jose, Luis, Francisco, Joaquin, and Evaristo all took up law. Joaquin, Jr. died at infancy. The eight daughters, Antonia, Vicenta, Ramona, Juanita, Manuela, Joaquina, Concepcion and Maria, stayed at home and learned the art of housekeeping.
Don Joaquin died on May 31, 1943, not realizing that he would have numerous descendants who would become public servants. The descendants of Joaquin Ortega y Joaquino are committed to uphold the family name that has been associated to public service in the Province of La Union.

On August 15, 2001, La Union celebrated its Centennial, which coincided with the Ortega family commemorating the 100th year, since their Patriarch, Joaquin joined public service. It is noteworthy that after 100 years, the Governor of the Province would be another Ortega, in the person of Victor Francisco Campos Ortega. We are happy to have as souvenir a commemorative stamp of the first Filipino civil governor in La Union, the late Gov. Joaquin Ortega who is our grandfather.


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