Its 15th year
by: Msgr. Roque C. Reyes
The VIVA VIGAN Summer Festival of Arts and Industry was inaugurated in 1993 to highlight the Cultural Heritage of this historic city in the arts, trade and industry, natural attractions, native foods, local heroes, Ilocano customs and traditions, and the Christian faith.
The festival centers on May 1, Labor Day for most countries worldwide, by honoring a local hero Isabelo de los Reyes, Father of Labor Union Movement (1901) in the Philippines (1913), and summits on May 3, Fiesta of the Naturales de Vigan (1883). The celebration would include also the closes weekend. It is sponsored by the local government and non-government organizations.
In the Catholic Church, May 1 is the feastday of St. Joseph, the Patron of Workers and May 3 is the feast of Apo Santo Kristo in the Camposanto Chapel or Simbaan a bassit in Vigan. It was the old feast of the Finding of the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem by St. Helena under Emperor Constantine. This is the theological basis of the Filipino Celebration of the Santacruzan Procession in every Catholic Christian Community. This is also the theological basis of the Ilocano Devotion to Senor Santo Kristo with its two shrines in Vigan and Sinait.
The whole month of Mary is expressed by Pope V1 in 1965 came to be dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary as the blossoming of New Life in Christ at Easter with the abundance of flowers during this time offered by the faithful to honor her on the altar in church. This is the theological basis of the Filipino Celebration of Flores de Mayo.

The PNLC participates in the VIVA VIGAN 2007 celebrations during the “calesa” horse parade.   


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