All Christ's faithful have the duty to preserve communion with, and promote the growth of, the Church, lead a holy life, and strive that the Gospel reaches the whole world (Canons 209-211, 225).


The most important in life is to know God
and to experience a relationship of love in His terms.

Ever faithful to His promises to His children,
God our Father deserves our highest honor and
thanksgiving. In praise of His infinite goodness,
a bold and enduring devotion to Him is called for from us.

With His faithful providence, we are called
to become our best selves swathed in humility
and complete surrender to God as ambassador
for His glorification and veneration.

Pagdaraoan Community Launching
Into a Basic Ecclesiastical Community

01 August 2004
Consuelo Hall, SASHotel

     It has long been in my mind that Pgdaraoan become a community complete with the amenities of living – that it have a place to be educated, a sanctuary for spiritual rejuvenation, an institution from which the residents could rely on financially. This afternoon’s gathering makes public what has always been in my mind. I had only known a few days ago that, surprisingly, there had been an attempt to develop Pagdaraoan into a Basic Ecclesiastical Community, the story of which we just hear.

      Last semester, my professor in Liturgical Theology class at Saint Louis University asked us to develop a final paper entitled, “My Life History: A Time Line”. May I quote myself from that paper:
“I picture myself creating a community at Pagdaraoan, and in the nearby barrios doing what a barefoot banker does – going to the houses and seeing their needs. We are all brothers and sisters in the world. As a Christian, a follower of Christ, I want to continue His work by taking time to listen, talking to the people, lending capital for them to start a business. Teaching the enterprising poor how to fish, making them productive citizens, thereby becoming people with dignity.”

      Fast forward to April 2004, my twin and I were in Rome for a 10-week Pastoral Communication scholarship, and were required to do a project prosposal which we were supposed to submit to our respective bishops once we get home. Mind was entitled, “A Four-fold Thrust in Uplifting La Union Communities through Community-Based Radio”. Again, my dream of developing Pagdaraoan into a Small Christian Community or a Basic Ecclesiastical Community was manifested.

Specifically, the project intends to do the following:
1. Conduct catechism classes/ spiritual values formation as basic foundation,
2. Provide economic enhancement through microfinance programs and saving mobilization,
3. Provide market linkaging for developed products to transform the production to actual revenue streams,
4. Improve the populace’ educational qualifications through the alternative scheme
     The major facets of life, spiritual and material, are to be cultivated and espoused. Inculcation of spiritual values through catechism will cater to all ages. This paves way for a life near to God in every persons’ daily existence.
     The second facet is the economic aspect which is focused on livelihood enhancement through microfinance/microcredit provision as well as cooperative education and savings advocacy. This could strengthen the linkage between service to God and the means to serve God.
     A vital force for microfinance to increase income for the households would be market linkaging. The CBR could be a potent force for this as it is the “venue” where suppliers and consumers of products can meet through their announcements over the radio.
      The fourth facet attends to functional literacy improvement needs of all ages who need the benefits of alternative learning or non-formal education. On-the-air scheme could be a good way to make it accessible even to the far-flung areas of the city of San Fernando.
     Sea and Sky College realizes its evangelical mission through components of higher education – instruction, research, extension, production to the community. Our mission at hand is to transform the locality of Pagdaraoan- the immediate environs of Sea and Sky Hotel and College, which house the Sea and Sky Broadcasting, into a Basic Ecclesiastical Community (BEC) _ a community of disciples and church of the poor with evangelization as the primary entry point. With interlocking hands with the Parish of the City of San Fernando Pastoral Council and Brgy. Pagdaraoan officials and residents, what has always been in our minds will be a reality.



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Ma. Nila (l) and Luz ( r) take turns in renewing their baptism at the Yardenit Baptismal site on the Jordan River where Jesus was Baptist by John the Baptist. All dressed in white robe for the baptismal renewal, Fr. Filemon alternately submerged the twins.



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