It is with humility that I accept the honor of the Presidency of the St. William Parish Nursery Kinder School Parents Teacher Association.
I am indeed grateful for the vote of confidence that the members have manifested on me and on the other elected officers. The trust and faith that were bestowed on me shall be my strength in keeping our organization moving.
My humblest way of contributing my share is to serve selflessly to the best of my ability and capacity.
As the Incoming President, it is with much anticipation that I look forward to a successful PTA year.
Projects and other undertakings will be more meaningful should every member be involved. It is along this line that I appeal to all the members for your generous and unfailing participation in the association projects and activities.
Fittingly, this year’s theme: “Education Development thru Unified Ventures of Parents and Teachers,” is a most welcome reminder of what we have to do to achieve success for our children.
My happiness springs from the deep conviction that this morning’s induction marks the beginning of understanding and realization of our theme. To us the words have taken on a meaning that is showing itself through the entertainment rendered by our children under the initiative of a parent, Mrs. Arceli Chan.
I take this opportunity to express my thanks for the cooperation which you have given me and the association.
Let us continue to be partners of our Teachers in the education of our children.


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