Luz Speech

July 19, 2005

            Good morning beloved bishop and priests of the diocese.
It is an honor for me to join you in your meeting upon the invitation of Fr. Eric and Bishop Rillera. I have four concerns to share with you, and I promise to keep it short and simple.
First, the pilgrimage. My twin and I have been to Europe four times: 1997, Jubilee 2000, 2002 and 2004. I have personally chosen Psalm 84 to give good reason for our trips, which speaks of Godís people finding springs in the Valley of Baca and ever-increasing strength until their reaching Zion. It verbalizes that manís strength in God and whose heart is set on pilgrimage. Archbishop Edmundo M. Abaya and Bishop Antonio Tobias likewise fired up our aspiration for pilgrimage. Our trips are documented in our four booklets on God the Father, on the Son, on the Holy Spirit and on Mother Mary.
This October, Sea and Sky Travel and Tours in cooperation with Adamís Express Travel will bring pilgrims to 6 European countries: Italy, France, Lechtenstein, Switzerland and France and also to St. Peterís Basilica, residence of Pope Benedict XVI, heritage sites of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Claire, St. Anthony, Mother of Perpetual Help Church, Shrine of Our Lady of Miraculous Medal and Sacred Heart of Jesus. I offer this tour as a partnership to the diocese because for every group of 25, the trip is free for one member of the clergy. I enjoin each and every one to encourage one and all.
Second, is the forthcoming Feastday of the Father of All Mankind on August 7 which starts on July 31. The late Mother Eugenia Ravasio has been praying for a feastday of God the Father. Twin Nila and I visited Anzio, Italy, the motherhouse twice. On behalf of the Carmelites which I am a secular member, I would like to express my gratitude to the Bishop for blessing the 30 statuettes of God the Father for the parishes of La Union last July 16. Actually, the Bishop asked me what made me consider the blessing of the statues on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel to which I replied, ďinspiration and support from our Carmelite nuns and the clergy, and with their response to the activities that I have spearheaded jointly or individually, I could say that my growth towards spiritual maturity has advanced.
Third, I am glad to inform you that I have met Edwin Lopez, the International Manager of EWTN. It would be wonderful that in the future, Sea and Sky Broadcasting, a member of the Catholic Media Network would be able to bring to the diocese EWTN Ėsponsored shows. May I also take this opportunity to invite you to use the radio station at Sea and Sky College.
Fr. Bahiwag recommended me for MA Religious studies at Saint Louis University, Baguio, and for that I am very grateful. This semester, I am going to have my comprehensive exam and proceed to thesis writing next semester with Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) as proposed topic.
Fourth and last, God cannot be outdone in generosity. We twins believe that our certificate in Pastoral Theology and Communication we received from the Gregorian University, Rome was a gift from God. No one can avail of a scholarship on Pastoral Communication: Planning and Practice from that Pontifical University without an endorsement by a bishop. Bishop Tobias and Archbishop Abaya paved the way. Even Apostolic Nuncio Antonio Frnco and Fr. Jim Reuter were instrumental in our leaving for Rome for 10 weeks.
All these I have not willed 10 years ago. No other power has led my heart and mind and steps but the Fatherís.

            Thank you for your time and again, good morning.

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