Dec. 19, 2003_ LOB reading Dr. Madrid’s Christmas greetings to her.

“...My Christmas gift to Dr. Ma. Luz O. Bolong (instantly made without preparation but on the feeling of admiration…” Here it goes..

D -reams for a busy lady
now turned into reality
hotel and restaurant was born
so, with the growing school.

R. - eality, yes, everyone is a witness
to her exceptional and aggressive performance
very tiring to her, but she is inspired
for she believes, she can go world-wide.

M -anagement to her is world-class
proven by many, she has really the guts
sacrifice, here and everywhere
but suddenly, surprises are there.

A -dmiration, is such a word worthy to mention
for her activeness, coupled with nice motivation
yes, I too cannot help but just to smile
for I believe, she is just like superwoman.

L -ove to her family, colleagues and the industry
a very good reason, why she is so very busy
a helping hand to each and everyone
is such a good gesture, she cannot deny.

U -nderstanding, religious and very friendly
she has time to go and extend her comfort
a manifestation hen I lost my loved ones
in our home, there she is, giving her hands.

Z -ero reaction, was what I felt, I mean surprised
imagine, a prominent lady business executive
had still time to give comfort and strength
touching hearts… touching lives.

O -outstanding lady executive in the field of business education
venturing into other fields is her other weapon
from hotel, travel agency, school, now a radio station
who knows one day, she is into television.

B -ringing joy and happiness is her desire
that is why, she is doing all her best to try
sacrifice here and there, but to her surprise
sea and sky hotel, restaurant and school were already there.

O -n the school’s Monday flag ceremony
you can see her sharing her ideas and good advices
in the field of politics, education and even in religion
because she believes, the young are the hopes of our nation.

L -eadership by example is what I describe
to this lady executive in her leadership style
from hotel, restaurant, school to travel agency
no wonder, one day another bank will stay.

O -n my stay in the school way back in 1997
where I first taught in hotel as temporary classroom then
I had met her mama Rosa and her tita Consuelo
they too, like her, were so happy to say “hello”.

N -ow I can say, sea and sky college is memorable
for I had gained experiences in any classroom’s table
imagine, myself, a walking job-hunter
is now a product of a very good and supportive employer.

G -od knows, how thankful I am
to a very good couple madam Luz and Sir Dan
with this, please do accept my simple greetings
Merry Christmas , happy new year and happy three kings!

Dr. Homer M. Madrid
17 December 2003 7:25 - 8:15 PM
Balaoan, La Union

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