Surprise at the Gregorian University

My twin Ma. Luz and I were privileged to join the class “Pastoral Communication: Planning and Practice” at the Gregorian University, Rome from April 24-June 24, 2004.

Rev. Robert White, Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication and our professor is one who gives an assignment everyday.  And most of the time he reads the papers of those who get 100% mark before the start of the class the following day. I wondered how my classmates could get a perfect rating.

After looking at some papers, I jokingly told Luz, “If you get 100% I will be impressed.”  Of course it was meant to challenge her but she dismissed it as being too ambitious. Secretly, I also wished to get a perfect score although I am aware of my limitations.

In one subject we have with the regular class, those enrolled for a three-year course, mostly priest and religious sisters, Rev. White asked us to prepare a project.  I worked really hard on it and spent several hours at the computer room to come up with a good presentation. Having finished it I submitted ahead of Luz.

One morning, we arrived in class late.  Towards the end of the class, our professor said, “one of the Filipinas submitted a very good report.  You might want to see it.” Sr. Regina got hold of my paper and after a glimpse she remarked, “my bishop must see this!” I was more than glad to share it.  Going down the stairs, I was approached by another classmate, a priest, who wanted also to see my paper. I then told him it was with Sr. Regina.  Later at the corridor, I proudly told Luz, “See Sr. and Fr., they are having my paper xeroxed.

My joy of having shared my paper though turned to anxiety when after two weeks Sr. Regina had not returned my paper and our class with her was already finished. I was relieved that she has not yet left for home in Africa, and through her roommate I sent my letter.  I explained that I want my paper back as a souvenir. I mean, I was truly proud and happy of it that I want to show it home.

I finally had my prized possession and it was with me when we attended the Philippine Independence Celebration at Pontificio Collegio Filipino.  Like a child I happily showed it to Fr. Nick Vaquilar. He read the remark which he thought was in Italian but it was in English “Quite professional!”

When God gives us surprises such as this100% at the Gregorian University, I could only thank God for His being so generous in giving joy to a child’s heart.  And it proves that nothing is impossible if we ask in His name, and for His greater glory This incident and more help me to continually look at God as simply in the faith of a Child.

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