What a Beautiful Woman

How does one fully respond to it?

A pretty face is everywhere and so is a chiseled body. But a beautiful woman is something else and she is anywhere, no doubt about it. But how can one distinguish her from the pure grace of form and the glow of substance, bared or wrapped?  This is the quality of beauty not unlike a beautiful thought, tough and tender and very contagious but real and eternally elusive like a beautiful dream.

Let’s consider the face _ the glory of woman which includes the hair and a smooth skin taken together identifies the top measurable attribute of human pulchritude. The shape provides the framework in which a certain contour, achieved by the angular and curvic relationship of forehead, nose, eyes, cheekbones, mouth; chin, lips and teeth, reveals a symmetry that makes up an attractive face. And when all the parts respond and move to a stimulus exuding a unity of radiance, integrity and harmony, there is the beautiful face of a woman.

Comes the body which begins with a graceful neck (1/7 of the entire length of the body according to Greek specifications) from which the head pivots freely and perpendicularly to the shoulders that suggest a bust to match the tale of the tape of the classic hourglass proportion of 34-24-34 and supported by long and rounded limbs, small knees and tapering fingers and toes. Moved by a swinging rhythm of ease that easily blend into a poise of elegance and divinity, that body takes form and substance and achieve a beautiful “katawan.”

But where is the beautiful woman?

Will an attractive face and a well-proportioned body make a beautiful woman and therefore a beauty queen?

It is not so. And this was proven many times in every serious beauty contests here and abroad that the pretty face is not necessarily the regal fact as it was with our own Gloria Diaz.

The  recent beauty contest that went into the grinding mills of the recently presented Santacruzan in Region 1, is the latest argument for the “classic beauty” popularized by Greek standards and mythology.

A woman may have the body of a Venus and the face (that launched a thousand ships) of a Helen of Troy and their Philippine equivalents in today’s modern pulchritude found in La Moreno and La Coronel and be physically attractive, even seductive. But if a woman lacks the seductive brain, that intellectual glow that powers the human body to a level of subdued grace, sparkle and integrity, then there is an attractive girl but not yet a beautiful woman.

The beautiful woman therefore is a combination or conglomeration of physical, emotional and intellectual attributes that blend into a total personality that satisfy the beholder _ a beauty judge or just plain beauty watcher.

How intelligent is a beautiful woman?

Taking the norms used by the judges in the Santacruzan would give us an idea. Without the influence of money-votes, the candidates were chosen on the basis of physical appearance (30%), poise and bearing (30%) and intelligence (40%).

The result of the judging seemed to point out that beauty and brain are not compatible. Beautiful women are not necessarily less intelligent than the merely attractive ones. And though a beauty contestant may react ordinarily to questions like “what she should do if one eyelash drops on the floor in the midst of dancing with partner”, or simply “what do you dislike in men?”, a beautiful woman is very human with her tensions, pretensions and even hypertensions.


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