Hon. Paz Lahoz-Argel
April 22, 1917-December 17, 1995
Delivered by Victor “Vinco” Guevarra

          The Honorable Paz Lahoz-Argel, an Attorney at Law in the Philippines, was the Deputy Commissioner of the present Registration Administration under the Ministry of Justice, from 1979 to 1985 until she retired at the age of 68.

          She was the seventh child of Gaudencio Lahoz y Villafuerte and Anselma Jaramillo y Tesoro. She graduated Valedictorian of Ilocos Sur Normal Training Department School and Salututorian of Ilocos Sur High School. She took an Associate of Arts Degree, as a Quirino Scholar for Academic Excellence at the University of the Philippines Junior College. She took her Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of the Philippines in 1940 where whe was in the upper ¼ bracket. She passed the Philippine Bar in 1940 scoring 88.08%.

          She first worked as a Legal Assistant at the Benito Soliven Law Office in Manila from 1941 until the outbreak of war. For over thirty years, from 1946 up to her promotion as Deputy Commissioner in 1979, she was the Register of Deeds of Ilocos Sur, based in Vigan.

          As Deputy Commissioner of the then Land Registration Commission, she was Chairman of the Verification Committee on Questionable Land Titles, Decrees of Registration, Deeds, Plans & Maps, member of the Land Mapping, Titling & Design Group and member of the Bureau of Lands, Land Registration Commission and Ministry of Agrarian Reform Task Force. She authored the Handbook for Registers of Deeds in 1981, drafted the rules and regulations for the Mass Judicial Reconstitution of Land Titles lost and destroyed in burned Registrars, the rules and regulations for a simple, inexpensive, yet accurate implementation of the Cadastral System. She was member of the various committees which drafted Presidential Declarations 1416, 1418 & 1529 and Executive Order 649.

          Atty Paz Lahoz-Argel participated in many community, civic and professional organizations. Among the positions she held in the Girl Scouts of the Philippines were Central Board Member, Regional Chairman and President of the Ilocos Sur Council. She was Vice-President for Northern Luzon, Federacion International de Abogadas in 1967, Secretary of the Ilocos Sur Lawyers Association in 1955, President of the Catholic Women’s League, Ilocos Sur Chapter, President of the Apostleship of Prayer, Vice-President of the Legion of Mary, Secretary of the President Quirino Medalists Association and President of the Secular Oblates of St. Benedict, to name a few.

          Honors and awards she has received include: a Plaque of Recognition for distinguished service as Registry of Deeds of Ilocos Sur for 33 years and Deputy Commisioner of the LRC for 6 years, a Highest Award Plaque from the Veteran’s Legion, as outstanding Register of the Philippines, a Plaque of Appreciation for Restructuring and Reorganizing the Girl Scouts of the Philippines and the President Quirino Gold Medal and Plaque of Recognition for outstanding Civil Service.

          After retiring as Deputy Commissioner, she became the Legal Counsel of the Archdiocese of Nueva Segovial, striving till her last days, to consolidate and title the properties of the Catholic Church.

She passed away at the Lahoz Clinic and Hospital, saying in her last breath “I see you, Jesus.”

24 December 1995
Necrological Service
Provincial Capitol, Vigan, Ilocos Sur


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