His Excellency Bishop Antonio R. Tobias blessed the station and endorse its membership to the CMN (above l). Congressman Manoling Ortega witnessed the opening of the Sea and Sky Radio Station and in his messages says 104.3 stands for 1 - I 4 - love 3 - you and DZUL for D - Daniel T. Bolong, Jr. and ZUL - inverted LUZ (r ). Ortega twins celebrate their birthday

Sea and Sky Broadcasting is a member of CMN. The acronym CMN stands for Credible Media Network. People tune in to our network, of 48 radio stations emanating power from 34 AM and 14 FM radio stations spread over the Philippine Archipelago in 11 regions and 35 provinces… truly a GIANT —- still is the best biggest radio station network in the Philippines, both in total number and transmitting power per station.


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