Mama Rose as a Role Model
September 4, 1996
75th Birthday

           When I began to think about the influence of mama in my life, there things stood out: her deep faith in God; her love of the family; and her dedication to duty.

            I feel proud of mama for rearing, us her children, devoutly. Witnessing her deep faith in God, that faith had become part of me, leading me to a more meaningful and hopeful life.

            Our closeness as a family could be primarily attributed to mama’s constant small demonstrations of love and concern to all of us her children. Mama’s taking time to talk to us, offering us something to eat and giving her “apos” some pocket money whenever we pay her visit had always amazed me. It is no wonder, that even if we have now our families of our own, we make it a point to attend important occasions and help one another, a continuing theme of unity.

            Another beautiful thing about mama is also her capacity to let us live our own lives. She offers us advice, provides us guidance and gives us her blessings, but she never imposes! In allowing us to make our decisions, it gave us room to go wrong and learn. For without the risk of failure, there would be no challenge and success would not be sweet.

            A major factor that pushes me in the establishment of the Vigan-Edu Cultural Center, a Nursery and Kindergarten School is my mama’s having been a committed elementary school teacher. And it was strengthened by her and Tita Connie’s happiness and success in running the St. William’s School. For me, they performed their task to God and to their fellowmen and I believe that founding VEC School is also my calling.

I greatly thank mama for shaping us her children to be good, for she showed us the right path through her good examples. And it is my fervent prayer that my children will also turn out well. With this becoming a reality, it would be a double tribute to mama!





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