Keeping sentiments Alive
“There’s a bridge that connects us
to one another
that gives meaning to our lives
and enriches our relationships with others.”

Treasure Memories that last a

In our recent visit to Mama Rose, she revealed that – close to her heart –
she is keeping the rhymes which her grandchildren recited during her 75th birthday celebration.
Here, we are reproducing it to show that Mama has learned to cherish what the French call ‘le petit bonheur’ – the little happiness – when it comes along.


Rhymes for Lola Rosa

1,2, Happy Birthday to you
3,4, May you live more
5,6, Don’t forget your lipsticks
7,8, Diet, exercise make you great
9,10, You’re blooming again.

Wake up and pray!
It’s lola’s birthday today.
Jesus, our four wishes for Lola Rosa
We love her like Mama and Papa.
Roses for beauty,
Orchids for grace,
Saints as models,
Angels watching her.

From Vigan to San Fernando,
Here we are, your handsome apos
PJ, Resty and Neil.

To embrace and kiss you
On your birthday this is for you.
To once more feel your love
You are Godsent from above




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