Golden Wedding Anniversary
Dr. Daniel S. Bolong Sr. and Dr. Josefa T. Bolong

Welcome Remarks: Danny Bolong, Jr.
Today marks a special event in our life as one big family. God has especially blessed this day so we the children, grandchildren, relatives and friends can celebrate with joy, love and fun the golden wedding anniversary of Papa Dan and Mama Pepita.

Let's give pa and ma and big, big hand.

Papa, Mama, we certainly uphold the good life you have shared together and the commitment by which your marriage was founded. May your love for each other and to your children and grandchildren grow ever stronger to weather whatever life’s challenges still awaits you?

I welcome you all and enjoy yourselves.

Invocation ¦Estela Valmoja

Father of all ages, your greatness is beyond our reach. But as men and women who have lived up to your faith, give us the courage to go on in this journey through life and let your greatness be your inspiration in life’s constant struggle. We ask you most humbly, to give abundant blessings to our dear parents, Papa Dan and Mama Pepita whose genuine love for each other and to us, their children have weathered all storms that have crossed our way. May their life’s commitment to each other and to the children grow stronger and reap the fruits of life so that in the end, we give you the glory and honor. These we ask in Jesus Name. Amen.

Emcee - Dr. David
Marriage is so central in the life of the family that it is always worth remembering. Let us listen to the love story of Pa and Ma by their grandchildren Mari-di and JB Bolong.

Love story 

For your anniversary lolo Dan and lola Pepita, we your grandchildren lovingly dedicate this piece DESIDERATA. This is a day to take special pride in all that you have achieved. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!.................................................Ludi Bolong

Bolong-Talavera Family Tree ¦.Tessie Frias

Papa, Mama, come home. And indeed, there's no place like home. For it is here where memories of our happy days together live, full of the love only you can give.

In this home is our big family. Papa and mama, in your name are six successful children and 15 grandchildren whom we pray will carry the legacy which you strived to build in your lifetime.

May I now call on the eldest of the children, Manong Mike, an engineer, who has been a successful business man in the States to introduce his brood.

Manong Che, the politician in the family and who followed pa and may footsteps as a veterinarian. He will now introduce to you his family.

Manong Danny, my simple and unassuming brother with such a contagious smile and laughter, it’s your turn.

I am Tessie. My husband Tits and children Jenny and Vincey are not with me because we just came for vacation last Christ.

David, the physician in the family will not introduce his wife and child.

Finally, Estela, the youngest of the children, an able lady banker , will now introduce his husband and their children.


It's your anniversary celebration. Live it up! It may not add years to your life. But it will surely add life to your years. Congratulations!

To show you the extend of what your love and help have meant, this family tree frame comes to you with love.

Happy Anniversary!

Toast..Che Bolong
Surprise Numbers¦..Grandchildren
Cutting of the Cake ¦Celebrants
Medley¦.. Children and Spouse

Just for You (Tune of Manang Biday)

Hand in hand you have walked afar
In August time, you had vowed for love
The fifty years now have turned to gold
But you still feel young and not very old.

In crisis and in prosperity,
You’ve been together struggling through and through
You nursed those animals and cared for them
Then build those farms and worked hard each day.

The children brought you such great delight,
Although at times they were such a fright
Raising those six’s not an easy job
A family full of fun and love.

One by one they accomplished great
So you said now your work was over
But it doesn’t seem that your job is done
Grandchildren now one by one have come.

We offer you our praise today
So much to thank, it is hard to say
God knows how much we owe both of you
And we’re here to wish longer life for you.

Acknowledgment ¦Dr. Daniel S. Bolong
Dr. Josefa T. Bolong

Closing Remarks¦.Che Bolong

If there is a most wonderful couple I have known in this life, it's pa and ma. If we are what we are today, it's because pa and ma have done their best as parents to us. Hey have always wanted our lives to be happy and complete. They laugh our laughter, cry our tears and dream our dreams. And they are always ready to give us their encouragement and support. No matter how grown up we may become, no matter where we go in life, or what we do, we never outgrow our paren's love.

And so we thank you for your love and for the things that you have done for us. From all of us, we wish you a “Happy Anniversary.

Singing of the Anniversary Song
Oh, how we danced
On the night we were wed
We vowed our true love
Though a word wasn't said.

The night was in bloom
There were stars in the skies
Except for the few
That were there in your eyes.

Dear as I hold you
So close in my arms
Angels were singing
A hymn to your charms
Two hearts gently beating
Were murmuring low
My darling I love you so.

The night seemed to fade
Into blossoming dawn
The sun shone anew
But the dance lingered on.
Could we but relive
That sweet moment sublime
We'll find that our love
Is unaltered by time (ref.)



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