Luz’ Speech

     Good afternoon! My twin and I are golden girls today.  And we appreciate it very much that you have shared your company and time with us on our milestone. We are 50 years old, but it is of no bother, neither to me nor to Nila. The reality of menopause, osteoporosis, senility and death, in that order, is there but I choose not to fear.  I’d rather put off thinking about them because it is the moment that excites me, as well as the new charms and possibilities that each new year brings.
      If man’s physical life was quantifiable and calculations were accurate and absolute, we can say that we may not get to reach our 80th birthday.  It is because the average life span for women is said to be 80 years (+- ).  That means I am only 30 years close to the end.
      There is one myth to aging – that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  It implies that the older a person gets, the more useless he becomes.  Perhaps it is this way of thinking in some old folks – that an aging person is a burden – that lead to their own degeneration.
      Aging must be viewed like good wine – stronger, better through time.  In the Bible, God chose older people to carry out His special missions.  It required time, experience and grace for their faithfulness and character to be molded and made for His missions.  Abraham, for example , was 75 years old when God called him to leave the Land of kinsfolk to go to an unknown land that God had promised him.  He was 99 when he was told to have a child.  Moses, too, was above 40 when God sent him back to set his people free.
      It is certain that maturity was a requirement to a deeper life of obedience  and commitment to service in the Lord.  If it was then, why not even until now?  Maturity, which is synonymous to age, therefore is not an end, but could be – a requirement, for ministry. 
      A purpose-driven life according to Rick Warren is a combination of knowledge and practice.  We grow up in order to give out.  We learn to be able to teach.  And an old dog can teach a hundredfold. 
      Nila and I are catechists. As God called on Moses to do a particular mission, so are catechists called to be missionaries and ambassadors of love of the Father to His children.  I am currently enrolled in the theology graduate program of Saint Louis University.  My spiritual learning was followed by tour pilgrimages, then our books, now this mass wedding.  Since I believe that every relationship is a temple of God and that relationships represent assignments made by Divine Intelligence, it is proper that each relationship be blessed, in this case, through the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony.  I am content that the 5 couples newly-blessed this afternoon believe the same.  The beginning of a relationship is said to be the perfect time to surrender it to God, before the ego has the chance to claim it. 
      Our enthusiasm to serve God reached its climax towards our 50th year, a rather late calling. The tour pilgrimages, the books and this mass wedding were realized within five years (1999-2004).   In April, Nila and I are leaving for Rome to participate in the 3-month scholarship at the Gregorian University for new knowledge on pastoral communication w/ emphasis in radio management.  Hopefully, this opportunity shall add on another stretch to living a life of service, 5 x 6 times more.
With perseverance, and Divine grace and inspiration, we hope to be on our toes for God doing our assignment, two by two, until He tells us our mission is accomplished and to report to Him, personally. 

Thank you very much.



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