1999_ Year of
God the Father

1. First Step - Oct. 19, 1999—Jan. 18, 2008


October 19, 1999

Oct. 19, 1898 - Got date from Marker at Barasoain Church, Malolos Bulacan.

La Union Consecration of the Philippines to God the Father. Bishop Antonio Tobias.

p. 14 - 17 God Father

December 9, 1999

Ilocos Sur Consecration to God Our Father
Archbishop Edmundo Abaya



p. 18 - 20 God Father

2000_Jubilee Year



March 2000

Invited Congressman Manoling Ortega as Graduation Guest of Honor and Speaker Re: Divorce Bill


April 7, 2000

Attend Elim invited by BSP trainor


Aug. 6

Feast day of God Our Father


Aug. 18

Pilgrimage for Pilipinas Dambana ng Bayan at Nayong Pilipino


Oct. 25 - Nov. 12

Jubilee Pilgrimage Europe and Holy Land
Carmel of Lisieux
Mass at Mt. Carmel of the Prophet Elijah

p. 56 - 57 God Father


p. 83 God Father

Dec. 15

LOB found newspaper where picture was published dated Nov. 17





Jan 4,2001

Ortega twins visit God the Father Propagator’s House in Manila.  Got hold of prayer for Glorification of Mother Eugenia Elizabeta Ravasio
_ bought God the Father booklet, rosaries, scapulars, medals.

p. 28 God Father

Jan. 16, 2001

EDSA DOS broadcasting franchise approved


Oct. - Nov. 2001

Left for a 2 months training on microfinance in Nueva Ecija due to intense desire to pursue this program in the Ilocos Sur

p. 6 God Son

Nov. 26

Picture Holy Family


Dec. 6, 2001

Deposit money for Jesus Christ Crucified statue (good not chopped)





March 14

LOB Picture with God the Father at Pannzian Beach Resort placed at the back of car parked at Pindangan


April 17

Statue of God the Father at Pannzian featured at Beh Bote Nga!


April - May

Summer enrolled Saint Louis University Masters of Arts in Religious Studies

p. 80 God Father

May 6, 2002

Bangko Rural ng Sta. Lucia closed

P. 98 Holy Spirit

July 16

Hermana Mayor Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

p. 74 Mother’s Arms

Aug. 4

Could not sleep __ God The Father want to go Fatima



Saw Poster of Father of All Mankind (Anzio) at Harrison Plaza near BSP



September 17

Marian Pilgrimage
Europe_ Fatima  Coimbra
Went to see the Italian Motherhouse Soure Missionare Unitas in Cristo Ad Pater at Anzio, Rome, Mother Eugenio Elizabetha Ravasio , Servant of God

p. 59 Mother’s Arms


Attended canonization of Jose Marie Escriva de Balaguer of Opus Dei


Nov. 22

Marie Diane attended Basic Rural Banking Course. LOB provided graduation cake






January 2003

4th World Meeting of Families
God the Father booklet

p. 27 God Holy Spirit

February 11, 2003

Sea and Sky Broadcasting, Inc. DZUL Spirit FM 104.3 recognized member of the Catholic Media Center

p. 12 God Holy Spirit

April 22

Our Lady of Lourdes_ Bernadette


July 16

Carmelite clothing

p. 76 Mother’s Arms

August 3, 2003

Parade of 10 floats depicts scriptural history of the salvation of all mankind at Luneta Grandstand. Passed by BSP


August - March 2004

Lectures for Formation of North Luzon

p. 77 Mother’s Arms

September 21

25th Wedding Anniversary at Transfiguration Chapel,
God the Son booklet





Jan. 16

Twins 50th birthday celebration. Sponsored mass weddings of employees


April 20, 2004

Holy Spirit Booklet


April –June

Recipient of scholarship at Gregorian University, Rome

p. 61 Mother’s Arms

May 5

Fr. Vaquilar celebrated 7th sacerdotal ordination. Attended mass he officiated at underground of  St. Peter’s Basilica

p. 62 Mother’s Arms

May 19

Papa Papa! Gave Pope God the Father Statuette as b-day gift



Class break_ went to Avila, Spain
Canonization Hannibal

p. 71 Mother’s Arms


Canonization of St. Hanibal


December 8

Hermana Mayor 150th Proclamation
Mary Booklet

p. 3 Mother’s Arms

December 13

Prayer Ravasio BSP / Sta. Lucia Feast





July 16


Bishop blessed statues of God the Father.


July 19

Luz spoke at the Clergy meeting and distributed statues to parish priests of La Union


September 11-12

Overnight vigil San Sebastian Cathedral Lipa City; procession to Carmelite Monastery; Marian Conference


November 8

House robbery. Got Luz money inside  Liturgy of the Hour leather cover.  Good  left prayer  at lawn and nobody harmed.


November 22

Passed Public lecture (comprehensive exam.). Proceed Thesis 1.





April 25

Defended thesis_ Towards an Inculturated Understanding of Luke 1:26-56 through the Ilocano Experience of Our Lady of Namacpacan



May 11

TV test broadcast (Biday etc…)


October 17

Saw statuettes of God the Father for sale at Tayuman, Sta. Cruz, Manila


November 8 - 25

Speaker  at University of Manoa Hawaii
Bethel Street at Hawaii
Pilgrimage to Mexico City




November 26

Attended Christ the King Feast Mass (Burgos, La Union)


November 30

Slept at Sea and Sky College (police patrol)


December 3

Attended Marian Procession (Instramuros, Manila)
Feast of Immaculate Conception





March 26

Annunciation _ Transfer Nagasat A Rosa bones to San Juan Cemetery
Thy Will Be Done


Aug. 5

Feast of God the Father/ Rafael B. Buenaventura Foundation


October 3

Blessing life-size statue of St. Teresa of Avila
Live TV Test Broadcast / Death Anniversary of Judge Evaristo Ortega


October 15

425th Death Anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila
Mass and procession and open house OCDS house of prayer


November 21-27

OCDS East Asia Congress (Tagaytay City)


December 9

Got copy of President Thelma’s letter to Monette: Re-Our Love for Luz and Nila



2. Second Step_ January 19, 2008—October 18, 2008


January 1

Providence Rural Bank Calendar


January 17

Sta. Lucia Magalang, Pampanga Barangay Chapel


January 19

Countdown: 640 days to October 19, 2009_ La Union Consecration of the Philippines to God Our Father


January 29

Meet the new Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines, Archbishop Edward Adams
General Assembly Philippine Federation of Catholic Broadcasters at National Office of Mass Media, Santa Ana, Manila


February 1 - 3

Attend Retreat with General Delegate Fr. Aloysius Deeney, OCD



Scheduled to defend thesis of Our Lady of Namacpacan




3. Third Step _ Oct. 19, 2008—Oct. 19, 2009



Scheduled to graduate MA Religious Studies


October 19

10th Anniversary La Union Consecration of the Philippines to God Our Father
Re-opening of Bangko Rural ng Sta. Lucia



Guest Speaker as DMMMSU Alumni
March 14, 2008


Good day everybody:
It is my pleasure to witness the ceremonial awarding of DMMMSU Graduate Studies for Level III Accreditation.  To whoever chose me to represent the MLUC Graduate School alumni to this big event, thank you and thank God!
Congratulations to my alma mater!  Look what you have done to me – a product of your Doctor of Philosophy in Technological Education Management program.  If I have the guts to speak before you today, it is because you have done a great job!
In the story, “Hand Your Child a Light for His Path”, a radio announcer became who he is because someone handed him a light – the kind that lights a path towards God’s best.  
And so may I thank Ex-Officio and AACCUP Executive Director, Dr. Manuel T. Corpus, one of my professors when I took up my Doctoral Studies;  I see here my other former professor, Dr. Elvi Bugaoan;  Dean Salvacion Loyola – I would always remember her for giving me my first 1.0 grade;  and former classmate, Dr. Grace Runas.  It is heartwarming that they have chosen to stay with DMMMSU and so the light that shines from within them continues to light a star!  I appreciate the experience of having you as my mentors and classmates.
They say that success is reaching that level “where you are happy with what you are doing; when you consider yourself as having contributed to the success of an organization or of other people, and most of all, having wonderful relations with family and friends.”
Looking back, in June 1993, my twin and I enrolled in DMMMSU-MLUC.  Sea and Sky Hotel & Restaurant was only a year old then.  As my twin and I listened to our professors, we were laying the ground work of our educational institutions - Sea and Sky College and Pater Noster Learning Center in Vigan.  It is, therefore, on the chairs of MLUC did we dream and draw, and draw our dream.  A school year after at DMMMSU, Sea and Sky College was born.
The symbolic lighting of the candles for Sustainable Quality of Education links DMMMSU graduates as lighted candles, a symbol of their commitment - not only to share but to illuminate, not only to glow but to give warmth.
Benjamin Disraeli aptly sums up an educational institution when he said that: “A university should be a place of light, of liberty and of learning.”
Indeed, I take pride having studied in this university.  I have been granted the light by putting up the Sea and Sky establishments.  With the awarding of Level III accreditation to the Graduate School, it gives DMMMSU more credibility to continue molding men and women into worthy warriors of the Lord – God-fearing, honest, intelligent, world-class, nationalistic and competent even in the midst of adversities. Congratulations to the President, Dr. Ernesto Gapasin, and the faculty and staff of the university!  Thank you and good day!